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Hi, we're Ghost.

We blend performance marketing with powerful influencer marketing to grow brands around the world.

Are you a brand looking for profitable growth over the next 12-36 months?


Growing a brand doesn't happen by accident.

Brands who grow quickly for a long period of time aren't using magic. It is simple cause & effect.

Ghost is a consultancy that exists to help brands in the consumer goods world to engineer break-neck growth in their business.

We help online brands to engineer & implement a brand growth strategy which builds massive brand influence within their category, whilst diversifying revenue sources & mitigating the risk of death.

Brands looking to build massive brand equity & generate hockey-stick growth curves, in preparation for a future exit, partner with Ghost to achieve their goals.

278% profitable revenue growth in 7 months.

The law of diminishing returns is a complicated beast. To scale revenues, you must spend more to reach more people. In doing so, you reach people.

We started working with the The Last Coat, a multi 7 figure brand in October 2019. We partnered with the brand to help them build massive influence in their category and to enable the aggressive acceleration of their existing media buying campaigns.

Working with the team at TLC, we were able to deliver 278% profitable revenue growth in 7 months.

£0 to £500k+ per month, in just 45 days

In late summer of 2020, we were approached by a publicly listed VR company who were just about to launch their first at-home, DTC product. This company is a global leader in VR - and was hoping to take their skills in creating breathtaking VR experiences into the eCommerce world. We had just 45 days to prepare for launch.

We used a combination of influencers, UGC and aggressive paid media to launch the brand from £0 to £22k per day in under 30 days. 2021 is now focused on scaling into international markets and solidifying their space as the global leader in children's VR education.

This is a perfect example of how we partner with brands as an extension of their team to help them build brand authority, accelerate customer acquisition and drive aggressive growth.

How we work

Our focus is growth. Profitable growth.

We work as a long term partner to support you in the process of profitably accelerating your revenues whilst systematically building brand equity. We blend influencer marketing with paid ad campaigns to generate genuine growth.



We've profitably spent millions of dollars on eCommerce growth marketing campaigns for brands around the world. Our mission is to carve out a path for your brand -- guiding you from your current situation to your dream destination in the global market. We'll think about positioning, branding, channels of focus, and much more. This will be the backbone of our efforts going forwards.



With strategy in mind, we reach out to 100s of influencers every single month that fit your brand, your product's unique selling points, and your budget. Our mission is to find you the golden nuggets that truly love your brand who create stupidly high quality content, so that we can work with them, month in, month out, to build out your brand. Their audience = your dream buyers.



In the world of advertising in 2022 & beyond, the single most influential cog in the machine is the quality and quantity of high quality creative. Users respond ONLY to new, fresh, authentic, genuine & entertaining content. With this in mind, our team will collaborate with you to generate 100s of pieces of fresh content every single month, to feed your ads with what they love most.



Now, combining everything above (1-4), with a splash of magic media buying sauce, our team will run paid media campaigns that drive profitable sales in all global territories. We'll use Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snap and YouTube to bring targeted buyers to your website.

Some cool brands we've worked with

We are Official Marketing Partners certified by Facebook & TikTok.

Annual Quantum Growth Workshop

Quantum Growth Workshop is the ultimate annual ritual for eCommerce entrepreneurs looking to learn from experts who have first hand knowledge in your exact situation, allowing you to realign your strategy, course-correct your path, and engineer an aggressive plan-of-attack for the year ahead.

Learn in an immersive "real world" environment, rub shoulders with the owners of industry shaking brands, and get access to top 1% growth strategies. 

Quantum Growth Workshop takes the guesswork out of growing a brand and turns it into an actionable science. 


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